Freshly brewed hard seltzer

Hi, nice to meet you. Welcome to PYKE, home of your freshly brewed Hard Seltzer. It’s our mission to fill your fridge with the most legendary and authentic Hard Seltzer. Continue scrolling if you want to find out more about us or click on the button below to order your PYKE right away!



Reasons to love Pyke

We are PYKE and this is our Hard Seltzer, not just any seltzer. With our craftsmanship and PYKE selected ingredients, we offer you the finest freshly brewed refreshment.

PYKE is born out of the pure desire to create a new drinking experience that goes beyond everything you have ever tasted. No carbs, no sugar, nothing artificial; just a masterfully crafted Hard Seltzer.

For the ultimate PYKExperience, drink your PYKE as cold as the North Pole was before global warming. Feel like sharing your PYKExperience? Let us know through any of our socials with #getpyked.